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Say goodbye to years of stress on your skin.
Polished, sophisticated skin from
Quanis skin penetration*1 technology.

We are a cosmetic and pharmaceutical development company, earnestly engaged in the highest level of cutting-edge research and development, with skin as our keyword.
As skincare experts, we want to make the finest cosmetics in the world.
Based on this wish, Quanis was born from research results of new ideas for skin penetration.※1

Microneedle Technology

Just by applying to the surface of your skin, highly moisture-retentive hyaluronic acid goes directly into the skin, and melts deep into the skin’s outermost layer. This innovative technology allows moisture to permeate the skin from the inside*2 out.

Skin penetration method※1

Continuing their research in transdermal absorption, our skin experts summarize their knowledge so far in their skin penetration*1 method. This method is a new approach toward skincare, penetrating the skin and locking moisture into the inner*2 and outer surfaces.

Quanis is re-imagining skincare from the point of skin penetration*1, and changing common knowledge about skincare.
With complete daily treatments and special care to be conducted 1–2 times a week, Quanis makes it easy to enjoy authentic,
esthetic- and cosmetic-medical-grade treatment for aging skin*3, right in your own home.

*1 Penetration of outermost layer *2 Outermost layer *3 Age-appropriate care

  • Microneedle Technology

    The first of its kind! Cosmetics using our newest innovation, soluble microneedle technology, penetrate skin and deliver moisture directly, deep into the outermost layer.

    Microneedle Technology

  • Skin penetration method

    Our experts in transdermal absorption sought to envelop skin with moisture inside and out, and lock it into skin, an approach to skincare unlike any other.

    Skin penetration method

  • History

    Our research and development in transdermal absorption technology is our contribution to society, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.