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We are a cosmetic and pharmaceutical
development company, earnestly engaged in the highest
level of cutting-edge research and development,
with skin as our keyword.


Established as an on-campus venture for the research and development of percutaneous absorption technology and its contribution to medicine.

With the aim of researching, developing and implementing products based on the technology known as TTS (transdermal therapeutic system), which allows the delivery of drugs through the skin, the CosMED limited liability company was established as a venture between professors and students of pharmacy on the campus of a pharmaceutical university in 2001.

Joint research and development was carried out with a number of not only Japanese but also overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers.


Initial development of the soluble microneedle

Research and development of microneedles, as the latest technology in the field of percutaneous absorption, was being done mainly overseas. Because microneedles at the time were made of metal, they had problems such as breaking and remaining in the skin and providing poor absorption of the drug, and they were nowhere near ready for commercialization. Then we realized that if we could create microneedles made of a material that would dissolve within the skin, we might be able to solve these problems, and we began developing the soluble microneedle.


The world’s first implementation of hyaluronic acid microneedles in cosmetics

More than two years after we started development of soluble microneedles, they were successfully implemented through the use of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the skin. As hyaluronic acid is the main component, we saw that it would be effective as a cosmetic, developed the Hyaluronic Acid Microneedle for cosmetics, and established a method for industrial manufacture. We launched our in-house manufactured Dermafiller.


The birth of the Quanis series

From the know-how acquired so far through our analysis and research into percutaneous absorption, could we not
improve everyday care to enable women concerned about aging skin to return to their ideal skin…with this thought we set up the anti-aging care cosmetic brand Quanis.

Based around Dermafiller, with its hyaluronic acid microneedles, the lineup includes face wash, face lotion, milky lotion and beauty serum. Also, we have devised a Skin Penetration Method in order to enable more ideal anti-aging care.


We will continue to contribute to society through research and development of percutaneous absorption technology.

We will continue to develop new cosmetics to ease the skincare concerns of women, and we are working on developing cosmetics to help women concerned about skin problems.

As we engage in technological development based around microneedle technology, and with the aim of contributing to medicine, we will
further apply the technology that we have researched and developed for Quanis in the development, implementation and spread of the Dosage Sheet or Vaccine Patch, which can be used in the medical field.

  • Concept

    Say goodbye to years of stress on your skin. Microneedle technology × skin penetration method = a revolution in aging.


  • Microneedle Technology

    The first of its kind! Cosmetics using our newest innovation, soluble microneedle technology, penetrate skin and deliver moisture directly, deep into the outermost layer.

    Microneedle Technology

  • Skin penetration method

    Our experts in transdermal absorption sought to envelop skin with moisture inside and out, and lock it into skin, an approach to skincare unlike any other.

    Skin penetration method