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Skin penetration method

Moisture is locked between skin’s inner*1 and outer surfaces.
Our skin penetration*2 method, from our experts
in transdermal absorption.

What is the most important thing in caring for aging skin*3? To infuse skin with moisturizing components on the inside*1.
In conventional skincare, however, moisturizers are applied only to the skin’s surface; not enough moisture is retained within*1 the skin.
What can we do to supply moisture within*1 skin?
As skincare experts who research transdermal absorption, we were in search of a new skincare approach focused on skin penetration*2.
What we finally hit on was our skin penetration method*2, which wraps skin in moisture inside and out*1, and locks it within.

1“Direct” delivery of moisture into the inner layer of the skin

The first technology of its kind, hyaluronic acid microneedles deliver moisture
directly, deep into the skin’s outermost layer.

2Veil of moisture from the outer layer of the skin

Wraps skin’s surface in a veil of moisture, and locks the moisture inside*1
so it cannot escape. In addition, moisture from lotion and serum is
preserved inside the veil to replenish skin from its exterior over time,
and the beautifying components are absorbed slowly and thoroughly.

3Skincare to boost basic “skin penetration” strength

In order for moisture from skin’s interior*1 and exterior to be efficiently
delivered and retained within each and every facet*1, it is vital to give skin
consistent, daily care, that will heighten its ability to function as an
absorbent*2 base.

Repetition of steps 1–3 of our skincare cycle will lock in moisture from skin’s
interior*1 and exterior, supplying moisturizing components deep within
the outermost layer to create the ideal skin you’ve always wanted.

*1 Outermost layer *2 Penetration of outermost layer *3 Age-appropriate care