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Needle-shaped hyaluronic acid
is injected directly, deep into
the skin’s outermost layer.
Revolutionary care for aging skin*1,
using Microneedle Technology

Content : 8 sets
(two pieces of right and left×8 sets)

Content : 4 sets
(two pieces of right and left×4 sets)

The first of its kind, this new technology crystallizes
multi-hundred units of hyaluronic acid into minute needle shapes.

Apply before bed for targeted, concentrated care, particularly around the eyes and mouth (trouble spots for aging skin). Hyaluronic acid microneedles melt slowly into skin throughout the night, penetrating deep into the outermost layer. Skin is given tone and moisture that seems to come from the inside out. (Moisture makes fine lines from dryness less noticeable. Tested for efficacy.)
Continued use gives your skin a tiny injection of hyaluronic acid every day, and maintains tone and moisture.

*1 Age-appropriate care
*2 Moisture makes fine lines from dryness less noticeable (tested for efficacy)

How to Use Dermafiller

Try it if you have:

  • Small wrinkles due to reduced firmness, pores,
    or dryness of the skin.
  • Nasolabial fold lines or baggy eyes due to aging.

When the skin loses hyaluronic acid, it loses moisture on the surface and within the skin. As a result, the skin cannot retain enough moisture, it loses tone and elasticity, and this brings out the signs of aging such as wrinkles and dullness (skin problems).

Using 100% to represent the amount of hyaluronic acid a woman has in her body at age 20, the following shows how much hyaluronic acid is lost at each age. Hyaluronic acid is component that is vital to retaining youthful skin. However, hyaluronic acid decreases from the 30s onward, and 50% has been lost by a woman’s 40s. By the 50s and 60s, it has fallen to about 20%. The result is dryness, fine wrinkles and the development of deep wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid, which is key to the skin’s freshness, tone and elasticity, has high moisture-retaining properties, and 1 gram is able to hold on to 6,000 times (about 6 liters) its weight in water. However, even if hyaluronic acid is added to lotions or moisturizers, it has large particles that have a hard time penetrating the surface of the skin, so it is not delivered deep into the skin.

For Dermafiller, multi-hundred units of hyaluronic acid, which has large particles and don’t penetrate skin easily, are crystallized into minute needle shapes. Put it on your skin, and you’ll feel a tingling sensation as the hyaluronic acid crystals are directly injected deep into the outermost layer. The hyaluronic acid microneedles melt slowly into skin throughout the night, penetrating deep into the outermost layer. Skin is given tone and moisture that seems to come from the inside out, and fine lines from dryness become less noticeable. (Tested for efficacy)

Dermafiller uses 2 types of hyaluronic acid, large-particle hyaluronic acid, and small-particle hyaluronic acid, which has high levels of collagen formation activation. In addition to hyaluronic acid collagen, we have also incorporated ectoine, which has strong moisture-retention properties, adenosine, which stimulates turnover, and stabilized vitamin C (trisodium ascorbyl palmitate phosphate), which improves overall skin condition. Naturally, we take care to use additive-free ingredients (dye-free, fragrance-free, fungicide-free, no surface-active agents and alcohol-free) because they are injected directly into the outermost layer.

Magnified view shows countless microneedles lined up

Microphotograph of hyaluronic acid crystallized into minute needle shapes in Dermafiller 1,000 X magnification

Microneedles dissolve into the moisture in your skin. These are microphotographs of before and after Dermafiller application, showing how the Hyaluronic acid microneedles melt deep into the skin’s outermost layer. The needle-shaped hyaluronic acid dissolves away into the skin after application.

In twice-weekly monitor testing of women aged 30–65, Dermafiller was highly rated for improving skin’s moisture and refining pores starting from the first week of use. (Individual results may vary.)

Components that give tone and moisture to the skin
Sodium hyaluronate/hydrolyzed collagen/ectoine
Components that make skin healthy
Adenosine/trisodium ascorbyl palmitate phosphate

Dermafiller components (all)

Sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed collagen, ectoine, trisodium ascorbyl palmitate phosphate, adenosine

Product Line Up

  • Dermafiller

    Uses hyaluronic acid microneedles, our newest technology, and the first of its kind. Apply it to your skin, and the minute points dissolve deep in the outermost layer, soaking skin with hyaluronic acid.

    Content : 8 sets
    (two pieces of right and left×8 sets)

    Content : 4 sets
    (two pieces of right and left×4 sets)

    Fine wrinkles care
    Care for dehydrated skin

  • Melting Essence Mask

    Our Melting Mask disappears like magic. The moisture of 100% serum is locked into each and every facet. You'll notice total moisturizing, toning, and brightening effects with just one use.

    Content : 4 sheets

  • Velvety
    Skin Cream Wash

    Skin feels moist, and is left free from impurities. Silk-derived peptides* improve skin's texture in this face wash foam with its rich, whipped cream-like lather.
    *Hydrolyzed silk

    Content : 120g

  • Fillup Moisture

    A rich combination of beauty components in a lotion that's almost a serum. Hydroxyproline* conditions the skin, makes skin moist and velvety.
    *Skin conditioning component

    Content : 150ml

  • Milk Gel Bright Serum

    Our proprietary technology simultaneously combines serum and beauty oil. A rich, cream-type serum that moisturizes thoroughly with the power of plant oils.

    Content : 60g

  • Premium Cellfit

    Penetrates and is locked into every facet of your skin. A rich, highly-moisturizing, petroleum jelly-based* cream that keeps your skin looking youthful all day long.
    *Components that protect skin's moisture

    Content : 28g

  • 28 day concentrate care

    A total-approach* line for fine wrinkles caused by dryness. Quanis 28-day concentrated special care transforms your skin to polished in a short time.
    *Moisture makes fine lines from dryness less noticeable (Dermafiller tested for efficacy)

    Content of "Fillskin 28"

    Dermafiller right & left set / For 4 times
    Melting Essence Eye Mask 1 sheet / For once
    Velvety Skin Cream Wash 30g / For 28 days
    Fillup Moisture Lotion 50ml / For 28 days
    Milk Gel Bright Serum 30g / For 28 days