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Melting Essence Mask

Melting Essence Mask

Moisture veil seals
in fresh skin all day.
100% serum mask that melts
away like magic.

Content : 4 sheets

Rich nighttime care for amazing moisture in the morning.
Locks moisture into the surface to create smooth, beautiful skin.

Recommended for use in the bath. The mask’s steam-released heat gradually warms the entire face, opening pores and giving moisture to skin. Moisturizing massage also melts the serum components, creating a complete moisture veil for the skin of the whole face*2. Lotion and serum moisture components absorb smoothly, and maintain thoroughly moisturized skin that’s plump and more toned.

Because it’s made with 100% beautifying ingredients like moisturizing, brightening, and Conditioning elements components, you’ll notice total moisturizing, toning, and brightening effects with just one use.

*1 Skin and pore impurities and dead skin cells are removed by massage *2 Outermost layer

Unlike ordinary facial treatment packs and masks, the Dermafill mask itself consists only of the beauty lotion and thoroughly moisturizes and seals the skin. In the end, the mask disappears like magic. The world’s first “disappearing mask.”

The mask’s heat gradually warms the entire face, opening pores and giving moisture to skin. A mask with quick-penetrating hyaluronic acid to improve moisture and tone, its moisturizing massage also melts the serum components, and blends them into the skin of the whole face.

The Melting Essence Mask is a recommended beauty essence mask to use in the bath. The absorbed steam releases the ingredients contained inside, and increases the penetrating power of the mask into the outer layer of skin.

The Melting Essence Mask is a mask composed of 100% beauty essence ingredients. The mask warms as it absorbs the steam from the bath and brings a hot pack-like effect to your whole face. If you massage the mask as it absorbs moisture, the mask melts and diffuses beauty essence ingredients, further improving the condition of your skin.

Through research we have discovered that the hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing agent in our masks, permeates the outermost layer of the skin while creating a film over the skin’s surface (a moisture veil). This film absorbs and halts external moisture from cosmetic products while maintaining the skin’s natural moisture and elasticity. Our product gives you skin that stays moist all day long.

Measuring the moisture level of the upper epidermis after using the Melting Essence Mask

The amount of moisture contained in the Stratum Corneum increased via use of the Melting Essence Mask.

Moisturizing elements
Sodium hyaluronate, Scutellaria baicalensis extract
Conditioning elements
Dipotassium glycyrrhizate
Brightening elements
Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, Resveratrol
Moisture retention elements
Squalene, Jojoba seed oil
Conditioning elements
Niacinamide, Adenosine

Melting Essence Mask components (all)

Glycerin, water, acetyl glucosamine, sodium hyaluronate, polyvinyl alcohol, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, guar gum, BG, adenosine, niacin amide, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, triglyceride (caprylic acid/capric acid), hydrogenated lecithin, squalene, jojoba seed oil, haematococcus pluvialis extract, scutellaria baicalensis extract, tachibana peel extract, lactic acid, grape extract (leaf, seed, and peel), astaxanthin, citric acid, tartaric acid, resveratrol, tocopherol

Product Line Up

  • Dermafiller

    Uses hyaluronic acid microneedles, our newest technology, and the first of its kind. Apply it to your skin, and the minute points dissolve deep in the outermost layer, soaking skin with hyaluronic acid.

    Content : 8 sets
    (two pieces of right and left×8 sets)

    Content : 4 sets
    (two pieces of right and left×4 sets)

    Fine wrinkles care
    Care for dehydrated skin

  • Melting Essence Mask

    Our Melting Mask disappears like magic. The moisture of 100% serum is locked into each and every facet. You'll notice total moisturizing, toning, and brightening effects with just one use.

    Content : 4 sheets

  • Velvety
    Skin Cream Wash

    Skin feels moist, and is left free from impurities. Silk-derived peptides* improve skin's texture in this face wash foam with its rich, whipped cream-like lather.
    *Hydrolyzed silk

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  • Fillup Moisture

    A rich combination of beauty components in a lotion that's almost a serum. Hydroxyproline* conditions the skin, makes skin moist and velvety.
    *Skin conditioning component

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  • Milk Gel Bright Serum

    Our proprietary technology simultaneously combines serum and beauty oil. A rich, cream-type serum that moisturizes thoroughly with the power of plant oils.

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  • Premium Cellfit

    Penetrates and is locked into every facet of your skin. A rich, highly-moisturizing, petroleum jelly-based* cream that keeps your skin looking youthful all day long.
    *Components that protect skin's moisture

    Content : 28g

  • 28 day concentrate care

    A total-approach* line for fine wrinkles caused by dryness. Quanis 28-day concentrated special care transforms your skin to polished in a short time.
    *Moisture makes fine lines from dryness less noticeable (Dermafiller tested for efficacy)

    Content of "Fillskin 28"

    Dermafiller right & left set / For 4 times
    Melting Essence Eye Mask 1 sheet / For once
    Velvety Skin Cream Wash 30g / For 28 days
    Fillup Moisture Lotion 50ml / For 28 days
    Milk Gel Bright Serum 30g / For 28 days